Tuesday, January 18, 2011

They call me big ELE

Here it is, a staple in anyone's closet, a must have, which can be worn anywhere. I've worn this shirt to class, bars, clubs, and was even requested to keep it on during a late night session ; )

I bring you the EleShirt!!!

Takes between 1-2 hours to make and only cost me $25. Materials include:
  • Two of the exact same sweater, one grey and one of a colour you want 
  • Fabric glue and fabric marker 
Start off with this:
Will be making two EleShirts, so an extra sweater was bought. 
Now cut up the front of half the grey sweater, leaving the sleeves in tact so you're left with this, and the begin drawing your outline: 

Cut out your outline and you'll be left with half a grey shirt with one full sleeve intact:

Now slide in the sleeve of your other coloured sweater into the sleeve of the grey sweater and use the glue to glue down the elephant:

Draw some eyes and a mouth and you got yourself a gangstar EleShirt that tricks will be all over!
(no homo)  

Yeaaahhhhhh buddddayyyy. Not going to lie, I actually did wear this to a club with a white dress shirt underneath, and even though it's dark chicks actually respond to it, def makes it easier if sometimes you find it hard to pick up
1) Girls love smiley faces 
2) Girls love Elephants (obv) 



  1. this makes me laugh every time

  2. LOL!!!! gotta make elephant noises when wearing this.

  3. Im incapable of making myself an eleshirt, so I'm ordering one from a miscer. My wife bert-stared me when I showed her the pic.

  4. I wish someone would make a bunch of them and sell it on eBay like the Misc tshirts.

  5. If you weren't slaying 10/10's before then you will be now. Stylin brah

  6. haha its like the new bert shirt

  7. YES! Been looking for detailed instructions. Definitely making one when I get the chance

  8. Lol good stuff but id never wear that lol

  9. lmao brb wearing this to class

    your friend,

  10. Haha that's so legit, you could definitely sell those on ebay son

  11. elephant sweaters FTW

    just getting back at ya broski

  12. I'm wondering when someone will make a double eleshirt. nice blog