Monday, January 10, 2011

On to the next one, on to the next one...

Another sunrise sunset, another day to get up and get going on the day. Been a slow past 24 hours but still got some things to touch base on; got sick overnight somehow :(. I really don't see why people have an aversion to medicine and will only try to take the "natural" way. I understand about the chemicals and want to keep the body healthy and whatnot, but medicine like Tylenol, Advil, antibiotics prescribed from the doctor, have been so effective over so many years, how can people be against proven techniques? Somebody enlighten me lol.

Movies: I know it's a bit late but I HAVE to talk about Black Swan. I saw this movie during the Toronto International Film Festival and I knew to expect an intense movie, especially after seeing his previous work of Requiem for a Dream, but this movie was just mind blowing. Not so much in terms of the plot itself, but more the vivid camera work, musical score, and of course the superb acting by Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Even though most people see this as a ballet movie, once you watch it get's everyone's attention; I can't wait for the Oscars! 
Natalie Portman "discovering" herself, yum 

TV: Once again Jersey Shore is in full effect, Season Premiere last week was as always entertaining, but this Ronnie and Same dynamic really puts a damper on everything, I don't see what they offer besides awkwardness and drama, which I guess is why they stick around. Clips for the rest of the season seem somewhat promising, and note: Just because people watch Jersey Shore doesn't mean they're stupid; sometimes people enjoy watching train wrecks and I enjoy watching Snooki getting punched, Situation getting slapped and random arguing with people who have IQs lower than their respective ages.  
 Beat that beat up!!! 

Quick note: Check out this new show Shameless starring William H Macy and Emmy Rossum. The premise is a family of about 6 fend for themselves without a mother and a drunken dad who doesn't do anything. Definitely some interesting dynamics within the show, but here check out the trailer:  
Something new and refreshing instead of your standard How I met Your Mother and Big Bang Theories which are slowly jumping the shark. 

Random: Being in my last year of University has given me a lot of perspective on things. Here's some sound word of advice, enjoy everything you have the opportunity to enjoy: parties, friends, clubbing, drinking, random adventures. Do it all because once everyone graduates you're stuck in the real world. Also don't get too carried away though, you're in post-secondary education for a reason, do your work, study, and when it's all set and done, you can look back and see that you do it right. 

Also, for a cheap, good whiskey, try out McClleland's; very inexpensive and is very smooth and has a nice taste to it. No idea why I decided to bring that up but there it is. 

I had some more stuff  I wanted to actually rant about, but I guess I'll wait for another day. 


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