Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

It's been a pretttyy longg time. I've kind of missed blogging, been caught up with a bunch of things; school, going out etc, but I am BACK ON THIS! I've def missed a lot in terms of what I usually blog about, sports, entertainment, movies, music etc, so just pretend I have been keeping up to date with that stuff, and here we go.

 Been feeling this song. Posner and Wayne - Next dynamic duo in music lol. But still...good song 

Celebrity: Yeah I'm a bit late on the Charlie Sheen fiasco, but it's not like this is ever going to die off *rolls eyes*....remember kids and old people "dying is for fools". I'm sure we can all agree this schtick is getting old, but you got to give it to Sheen, he's living the dream and knocking people off their high horses while bumping 7 gram rocks (I'm pretty sure I did less than a gram once and blacked out instantly). For all the people who complain and moan about him and his partying and and whatnot....just give it up. He's good at what he does, is essentially the sole reason that his show is #1 in the world, and is just living that not what everyone advises? 

NBA/NCAA: I missed posts on the superbowl, so let's get into some ball. Chicago Bulls #1 in the East...HELLS YES. D-Rose has got to win MVP this year, there is absolutely no argument for anyone else. Averaging sick stats and with injuries to his team for a lot of the season he's got his team in 1st place. In the West you still have everything pretty much the same, though Denver is doing surprisingly well without Melo while the Knicks wallow in their sorrows. I just laugh so hard at them, they're like the stuck up rich kid who gets an expensive car yet they still suck and no one likes them. 
Butler over Pittsburgh, yeah it was an upset but if you didn't have Butler going deep in this year's tourny after making last year's final, then YEAH...(really didn't have anything to end that statement off with). We all just need Duke not to win it this year....I don't think anyone wants them to win really....and GO OSU!!!! 

Random: And once again, we have our next "awareness" campaign on facebook where girls put up a fruit corresponding to their relationship status to promote breast cancer awareness. For the jazillionth time....THIS DOES JACK ALL! Donate money, put a link in your status on where to donate, and stfu. 

Now onto an experiment I've began conducting at local bars/clubs. Recently I've given up drinking (moreso by mini-intervention by friends but you get the picture). Now walking around sober has given me a new perspective on things when I go out. I've always thought I needed that tipsyness to get that courage to  approach chicks, but I'm trying to see what I can do on my own. St. Patty's day was a good start for Day 1 of soberness. Though at one point I was going to punch the dj because I was so sober and he sucked so bad (funny how sober me wants to punch someone for no reason). But all in all good start for everything. 

Tell me what I can do to get over this drinking?! Or give me some tips on how you guys got over stuff you were "addicted" to.