Monday, January 17, 2011

It's T-Shirr... wait NFL TIMEEEEE

Crazy games this past weekend, too much to talk about but HAVE to discuss the OH SNAP moment when the Jets beat the Patriots. Pats to win 8.5 as well as favoured -475...

NFL: Mark 'Dirty' Sanchez 16/25, 3TDs, and though Brady put up decent numbers, Jets D with 5 sacks,  and kick return from Cromartie, Pats had no idea how to handle that. Now everyone's been going on about how if Brady still had Moss(downfield threat) maybe he would've got better looks and I tend to agree with it. Yes we know Moss is not even close to what he once was but he still gets a lot of attention from the D. Now let's just sit back and watch the Brady haters roll in...he's like the Kobe of the NFL lol.

Actually hoping Jets do well next week, but them Steelers look way too tough....*uh huh you know what it iye* black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Pretty disrespectful but def brought the lulz 

Random: Why do people see you as weaksauce if you don't go around starting fights with people you don't like. Sure there are certain people I detest and if I had a chance I would gladly punch them in the throat, but I'm not going to start going around and instigating unnecessary crap just to prove to you I'm not beta. It's freakin highschool bs, people need to relax and realize I'm not going to go up to people and challenge them to a fight by the oak trees after class just because I have a problem with someone. Exactly why I keep a real close circle of friends and can't stand socializing with imbeciles (pretty much everyone else)

Still gotta see 127 hours; reviews really bigging up James Franco, def on my watchlist. Movies next post for sure. Also watch out for my EleShirt!!




  2. Sick blog man! keep me updated on your eleshirt. I've been wanting one for a while now.

  3. Lol at taking a nap. Would make a good gif

  4. Hell naaahh it's always T-shirt time!

  5. go jets, cant wait for the eleshirt post

  6. Couldn't be more right about the highschool bs. Being a **** doesn't make you alpha.

    Cool post.

  7. lmao, not gonna lie Shonn Greene brought the lulz with that one. I'd be raging if i was a patriots fan and saw that.

  8. Sick blog brah, keep the great posts coming.