Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

It's been a pretttyy longg time. I've kind of missed blogging, been caught up with a bunch of things; school, going out etc, but I am BACK ON THIS! I've def missed a lot in terms of what I usually blog about, sports, entertainment, movies, music etc, so just pretend I have been keeping up to date with that stuff, and here we go.

 Been feeling this song. Posner and Wayne - Next dynamic duo in music lol. But still...good song 

Celebrity: Yeah I'm a bit late on the Charlie Sheen fiasco, but it's not like this is ever going to die off *rolls eyes*....remember kids and old people "dying is for fools". I'm sure we can all agree this schtick is getting old, but you got to give it to Sheen, he's living the dream and knocking people off their high horses while bumping 7 gram rocks (I'm pretty sure I did less than a gram once and blacked out instantly). For all the people who complain and moan about him and his partying and and whatnot....just give it up. He's good at what he does, is essentially the sole reason that his show is #1 in the world, and is just living that not what everyone advises? 

NBA/NCAA: I missed posts on the superbowl, so let's get into some ball. Chicago Bulls #1 in the East...HELLS YES. D-Rose has got to win MVP this year, there is absolutely no argument for anyone else. Averaging sick stats and with injuries to his team for a lot of the season he's got his team in 1st place. In the West you still have everything pretty much the same, though Denver is doing surprisingly well without Melo while the Knicks wallow in their sorrows. I just laugh so hard at them, they're like the stuck up rich kid who gets an expensive car yet they still suck and no one likes them. 
Butler over Pittsburgh, yeah it was an upset but if you didn't have Butler going deep in this year's tourny after making last year's final, then YEAH...(really didn't have anything to end that statement off with). We all just need Duke not to win it this year....I don't think anyone wants them to win really....and GO OSU!!!! 

Random: And once again, we have our next "awareness" campaign on facebook where girls put up a fruit corresponding to their relationship status to promote breast cancer awareness. For the jazillionth time....THIS DOES JACK ALL! Donate money, put a link in your status on where to donate, and stfu. 

Now onto an experiment I've began conducting at local bars/clubs. Recently I've given up drinking (moreso by mini-intervention by friends but you get the picture). Now walking around sober has given me a new perspective on things when I go out. I've always thought I needed that tipsyness to get that courage to  approach chicks, but I'm trying to see what I can do on my own. St. Patty's day was a good start for Day 1 of soberness. Though at one point I was going to punch the dj because I was so sober and he sucked so bad (funny how sober me wants to punch someone for no reason). But all in all good start for everything. 

Tell me what I can do to get over this drinking?! Or give me some tips on how you guys got over stuff you were "addicted" to.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm About To Go HAM, Hard As A Muthaf*cka

Sigh* Do they really intend on not using their penises in the future? Def future candidates for Darwin Awards at this rate 

Ever get that sudden urge to be ultra productive and just do up everything? Work out, write out notes,clean the house, pay your bills, apply to jobs etc. Its one of the best feelings to have, fully motivated and just ready to go at it! 

Celebrity: Adding to this list of Kanye West being Kanye West, seems as if the only reason Britney's new song is #1 on iTunes is because Kanye was just being a nice guy and let her have it. 
There's no way he's still riding this from so long ago; give it a rest Kanye, yes your new song is good, but you are the epitome of douche no matter how talented you may be. 

NFL: Aww yeah coming down to the wire. Is there any reason to believe that we're not going to see a Packers v. Steelers SB? Steelers have an intense D and no matter how much people may not like Non-Consensual Ben, he wins games; and can everyone please relax on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon, we get it already. Though don't get too confident, just ask Brady and his crew, them Saints. Though I always pull for the hopefully we can get to the superbowl with chants of J E T S JETS JETS JETS, and the superbowl shuffle!  

Random: Alright so I'm a smoker, yes I know some people will def look down upon that, but to be fair I'm probably the most courteous smoker out there. I go out of my way to distance myself from anyone around, if someone walks past me I'll hold my breath until they walk by before I exhale, if there are kids around I will hide the cigarette or walk away so they don't see it etc; so don't fault me for my bad habit.  

I just don't get how people are always bumming cigarettes from you and are constantly doing and oblivious to the fact that they should eventually buy their own pack. I'm fine with giving smokes if they need some, but I'm  def getting used for actually being a smoker and always having some. If you're not a smoker, try thinking of times when buying drinks and there's always that person who doesn't buy anything but is always sneaking there way in to getting drinks. 

How do you deal with these moochers, I need to find it in me to tell them to f off. 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kush Rolled Glass Full I Prefer The Better Things...

Admit you laughed....always fun laughing at famous people 

First things first I'm sure you've seen or read about the women who was walking and texting in a mall and fell into fountain. (Article on the dumb woman) Classic fail video that deserved to go viral but now she's contemplating suing the mall?! This is exactly what's wrong with North America...people feeling they are entitled to everything no matter how stupid they are. Goes along the lines of the whales who eat fast food all the time and complain/sue them for making them fat....I just want to rage so hard at these ignorant people and knock them over the head with a book or something.  

Celebrity: I know it's late and such but for some reason I had the urge to talk about Charlie Sheen. This guy drinks like an Irishmen, does coke like a $2 hooker, spends nights with pornstars, and is still getting paid a million an episode in a role that is EXACTLY like his real life. He's getting paid to recreate his weekend! Not only that he was clapping dem cheeks of Denise Richards...must be nice...

Random: Went out last night to the campus bar/club, and you gotta love the university nightlife scene. Lots of people, sick dj, drinks everywhere, and you're partying with people in classes who you'd never think would be that drunk. I was dancing with a girl then was later told by my friend that she was the quiet brooding chick in our Econ class, mind=blown. 

Also if you have a chance try out this shot I made that has become a regular at my campus bar. It's a base of a rocky mountain bear f*cker, tequila, JD, and Southern Comfort. Then you add in tabasco, salt, soy sauce, Worcester sauce, and then you "make it gold" by topping it off with Goldschlager. This beauty is called the LBJ (no not named after that guy that plays with Dwayne Wade) it's actually the initials of me and my friends who made the shot.

What do you think of that shot and what do you drink when you go out?


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is that grape drank?! Ask him if he got Kool-Aid

One of the funnier scenes for Harold and Kumar 2. Yeah there's some stereotypes, w/e get over it, def brought the lulz.

Movies: Know I'm a bit late but the first pictures of the new Spiderman movie have been released, with the new Spiderman being Andrew Garfield (Guy who got screwed over by Mark Zuckerberg in Social Network).
Looking a bit thin here no? 
We know Peter Parker was a nerd and whatnot, but comeon....give him some meat. Seems as if society as a whole wants to be more "socially acceptable" and we're straying away from superheroes we grew up on to guys like this to appeal to the little girls who love the 120lb "jacked" actors... Besides that Garfield did a great job in Social Network and was even nominated for a Golden Globe so hopefully he can continue with his great performances and reboot Spiderman for the better. 

Loving the launches of all these comic book movies, allows me to go back to being a kid without knocking over mailboxes and looking like a fool for being 22. I know Captain America will be a huge hit as  he was pretty popular throughout his years, but I have a bad feeling about Thor. It has the potential to be a very good  movie, but after talking to a lot of people they're pretty oblivious to him; they need a solid marketing campaign to hopefully continue the franchise.

Random: "I'm so drink right now, like omg soooo drunkkkk" K, we get it, you're drunk. Is repeatedly telling us you're drunk giving you some type of satisfaction that you're that cool and  drank so much? Is this supposed to be an absolving statement so that when you do something stupid you can use this as your defense? How about stop being an attention-whore and just enjoy yourself and if you do something stupid we can all laugh instead of smirking at how dumb you are.

Also, being drunk doesn't give you a pass for hooking up with a whale or being a sloo. You will be made fun of by your friends and you will be called trick by everyone. "Oh I was drunk I can't believe I did that, but I'm not a whore *hehe*" Right.....


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

They call me big ELE

Here it is, a staple in anyone's closet, a must have, which can be worn anywhere. I've worn this shirt to class, bars, clubs, and was even requested to keep it on during a late night session ; )

I bring you the EleShirt!!!

Takes between 1-2 hours to make and only cost me $25. Materials include:
  • Two of the exact same sweater, one grey and one of a colour you want 
  • Fabric glue and fabric marker 
Start off with this:
Will be making two EleShirts, so an extra sweater was bought. 
Now cut up the front of half the grey sweater, leaving the sleeves in tact so you're left with this, and the begin drawing your outline: 

Cut out your outline and you'll be left with half a grey shirt with one full sleeve intact:

Now slide in the sleeve of your other coloured sweater into the sleeve of the grey sweater and use the glue to glue down the elephant:

Draw some eyes and a mouth and you got yourself a gangstar EleShirt that tricks will be all over!
(no homo)  

Yeaaahhhhhh buddddayyyy. Not going to lie, I actually did wear this to a club with a white dress shirt underneath, and even though it's dark chicks actually respond to it, def makes it easier if sometimes you find it hard to pick up
1) Girls love smiley faces 
2) Girls love Elephants (obv) 


Monday, January 17, 2011

It's T-Shirr... wait NFL TIMEEEEE

Crazy games this past weekend, too much to talk about but HAVE to discuss the OH SNAP moment when the Jets beat the Patriots. Pats to win 8.5 as well as favoured -475...

NFL: Mark 'Dirty' Sanchez 16/25, 3TDs, and though Brady put up decent numbers, Jets D with 5 sacks,  and kick return from Cromartie, Pats had no idea how to handle that. Now everyone's been going on about how if Brady still had Moss(downfield threat) maybe he would've got better looks and I tend to agree with it. Yes we know Moss is not even close to what he once was but he still gets a lot of attention from the D. Now let's just sit back and watch the Brady haters roll in...he's like the Kobe of the NFL lol.

Actually hoping Jets do well next week, but them Steelers look way too tough....*uh huh you know what it iye* black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Pretty disrespectful but def brought the lulz 

Random: Why do people see you as weaksauce if you don't go around starting fights with people you don't like. Sure there are certain people I detest and if I had a chance I would gladly punch them in the throat, but I'm not going to start going around and instigating unnecessary crap just to prove to you I'm not beta. It's freakin highschool bs, people need to relax and realize I'm not going to go up to people and challenge them to a fight by the oak trees after class just because I have a problem with someone. Exactly why I keep a real close circle of friends and can't stand socializing with imbeciles (pretty much everyone else)

Still gotta see 127 hours; reviews really bigging up James Franco, def on my watchlist. Movies next post for sure. Also watch out for my EleShirt!!


Golden Globes etc.

Haven't updated in a while; let's see what happened while I was gone, then the obligatory rambles at the end. 

Golden Globes: How can anyone hate on Ricky Gervais as host of the show. A lot more funny than previous year hosts; direct, dry, sarcastic humour is def a lot better than the sugar coated crap others perform with. 
If these celebrities can't handle the truth that he serves up, what good is it having a funny host, might as well have Jimmy Fallon host then... 

It was good to see Natalie Portman win for best actress as she whole-heartedly deserved it. Also Social Network winning best director, screenplay and movie?! No one expected that win over the like of Inception, Black Swan, The Fighter. 

NBA: MLK Day, games during the afternoon?! Gotta love waking up to that! Phoenix just beat the Knicks in a close one with Carter BEASTIN it with 29 and 10. But the game of the day will be the Magic vs the Celtics. Perkins most likely won't be playing but this is going to be a game to watch, especially since Orlando have been killing it recently. 
*Lakers lose yesterday to the Clippers?! Are the Clippers for real? They've beaten the Spurs, Heat, and Lakers this season, Eric Gordon and Griffin BEASTIN it as well. 

K I understand it's winter, I understand it's snowing and cold and wet, but if you're a guy and are wearing Uggs, your man card deserves to be revoked along with a punch in the throat. Seriously... so much to say about this but..can't..formulate...sentences...