Monday, January 10, 2011

First Post? Let's Get It Started

First off just want to settle myself into this blogging atmosphere; don't know what to expect or how things go but should be fun. 

About me: Student at University in Ontario finishing up my degree in business. Don't really talk about school much, just want to finish up and head on into the real world.  
Music: May sound cliche but give me some Pac, Biggie, Run DMC or anything really with a good beat and I'm in. Though throughout this blog you'll see a lot of different types of music. 
Sports: Follow football, basketball, and baseball. Minnesota Vikings, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Blue Jays!!!! 
Movies: Everything; from chick flicks to zombie. 

Now that a brief introduction has been done let's rant. 

NBA: Another decent day of games capped with the Knicks facing the regrouped Lakers and the  Miami Heat(Boooo) up against Portland. Now as much as I hate to say it Miami is really giving it to the league. Whether it be Lebron or Dwade, or even Bosh putting up his solid numbers, the Heat or just rolling through opponents. Though, when up against top teams they have shown weakness, they're putting it all together and the next while should be good. 

Lakers win, not too much news as the Knicks show again that they are a mid-level team that CAN hang with the big boys at times. But what about Wilson Chandler who has been consistently killing it this year. I wouldn't even waste my time with Carmelo Anthony with a guy like Chandler putting up beastly numbers and with definitely a smaller contract. BEAST!!!

Quick side; seems as if Melo might be heading to the Nets in a 3 team trade involving Denver (obv) and Detroit. Nets are looking to land Melo, Billups, and Richard Hamilton, but will be giving up Devin Harris, Favours, Troy Murphy and draft picks. Imagine the Nets with a starting 5 of Billups, Hamilton, Anthony, Brook Lopez, and (insert forward). That team would definitely be able to hang with the best; though apparently Billups if traded wants to be bought out instead of playing for the Nets. Guess we'll have to see how everything play outs. 

Random: When going out to the club, for the love of God PLEASE don't get sloppy; goes out to guys AND girls. It's a freakin' club, you go there to dance and have fun with friends, dance and have fun with friends and to pick up, or just to pick up. In any of those cases being a sloppy POS isn't helping anyone, especially with clubs being packed and people falling everywhere. If you want to get sh*tfaced go to a houseparty or stick your face up Rosie O'Donnell's ass after a midnight Taco Bell run; STAY OUT OF PUBLIC. 

Also girls stop whipping your hair back and forth; it gets in everyone's mouth, pokes their eyes and is just a pain when the girl you're dancing with headbutts you in the tooth... If you want to be like Willow Smith (Will Smith's daughter) that bad, I would gladly choke a bitch :)

That's a wrap for the first blog, don't know what I'll be talking about tomorrow, probably include a movie and some entertainment stuff. 


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